Friday, September 11, 2009

“Jazz Rhythm Chops” DVD Booklet PDF

For those of you who purchased my video “Jazz Rhythm Chops,” I’ve posted an improved PDF booklet of the examples in music notation and tablature. Just click on link below to download.

The original tab sheets, that were included with the DVD and original VHS tape, are not very good and I would prefer that you have the new version. When we produced the video, I sent Warner Bros. my original charts, but there was not enough space for all the material to fit in the small booklet that’s placed inside the video packaging. So they decided to make a reduced tab-only version. I was very disappointed when I saw the small sheets they printed. I expected them to at least add the rhythms to the tab notation but they didn’t. We planned to add the complete booklet as a PDF on the DVD when the time came to re-duplicate new copies, but were not able to connect in time with the folks at Alfred (who had taken over the product line from Warner a few years ago). Fortunately, thanks to the internet, I’m now able to get you the booklet.
-Don Mock


  1. thanks...i was looking for this...great work...i find your music, videos and lessons very inspiring...

    Vitor Guerreiro, Portugal

  2. Hi Don I am a lucky owner of the mentioned video..
    But I am unable to download the booklet....


    Thanks for your professionalism in to make it available to everybody!

  3. thanks mate this is much better it has saved me allot of time :)

  4. Dear Don, You are an awesome guitar player and have a huge fan following in india. The price of the material is however unaffordable. It costs almost 75-100% of your fan base (youngsters within the first 5 years of work)monthly salary. Please consider reprising and releasing asian editions. You will sell 10,000 times as much as current amazon sales guarenteed. Thanks for your early work Don. Night clubs and Jazz joints do feature Music based on 12 bar blues/jazz progression played correctly thanks to you.

  5. Yeah thanks.I bought the video years ago and lost the booklet..Again thanks

  6. Many thanks for this Don, just stumbled upon this PDF :-)

  7. Dear Don, I rediscovered my Rhythm Chops copy and
    Great material, very nice teaching. BTW what guitar is used in the video. Never saw that one.
    Regards from Germany,