Friday, September 11, 2009

Modal Mojo Info:

Just wanted to clarify for everyone the details about the Modal Mojo books and play-along tracks. There are two Modal Mojo products.
One is called “Modal Mojo Play-along Tracks” and consists of a free 10 page PDF booklet which describes the 28 tracks.
The audio tracks themselves are available on-line at locations such as I-Tune and Amazon MP3. The 28 tracks are divided into three groups, major, minor and dominant modal grooves. You can purchase each group, like you would an entire album, or you can just buy single tracks.

“Don Mock’s Modal Mojo” is a full-size 84 page book and audio lesson for guitarists distributed by Alfred Publishing. The book basically takes you through each of the 28 play-along modal grooves detailing ways to improvise over the particular groove and includes etude/demo solos for each modal type. I also spent a good deal of time on modal rhythm playing. The book comes with the same 28 modal grooves but also includes over 4 ½ hours of audio instruction. The audio comes on two disks as high-end MP3 files, one of the first instructional books by Alfred to use this format. The tracks sound great and let me just say…… I did a LOT of talking and playing on the audio CD. So if you don’t mind a few long-winded explanations and demonstrations about everything modes, I think you’ll find this to be one of the best books on the subject.


  1. Is this book only usefull for guitar players ??

    I am a piano player who would love to learn about modes and it seems that your book could help me !!

    Thank you

  2. Anybody out there ?????

  3. I love this book (MT shredknowledge)